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Caring for your Oily Skin

Your skin is unique. Just because a product works for someone else there is no guarantee you'll see the same results. Customising your skincare routine for your needs will offer the biggest benefits to your skin.
Crafting this routine to bring you your happiest skin will inherently take some trial and error. However, if you've tried a variety of products only to be left with skin that feels irritated, shows visible signs of breakouts, or just looks less than healthy, it's time to take a closer look at your skin type.
You’ve determined it’s oily. This skin type tends to look shiny, and you might see more breakouts than those with dry skin. Climate, genetics, age and diet may all be to blame for the oil on your skin, but oily skin types in particular struggle to stay matte.
One common mistake many make when dealing with oily skin is attempting to strip the skin of its natural oils. This causes the skin to ramp up oil production in response — resulting in even oilier skin and more opportunities for breakouts to form. Try to choose gentle, gel-based cleansers that clear away dirt and makeup but don’t strip the skin of natural oils.
Even oily skin needs proper moisture. It's all about balance: A moisturiser that is oil-free and light in texture and formula can provide hydration and is less likely to give you the aggravations you may have experienced.
You're just a thoughtful routine away from a complexion that looks and feels more balanced.
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