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Causes of dry hair
HAIRCARE Causes of dry hair?

Dry Hair Causes: Why is My Hair So Dry If you’ve ever experienced dry hair, you’re certainly not alone. Hair can become dry from a lack of moisture and oils produced from the scalp. This can lead...

How to tackle Dandruff
HAIRCARE How to tackle Dandruff

Wondering how to address a dry, flaky scalp? Learn about the potential causes and find out how to tackle dandruff with NEUTROGENA® anti-dandruff shampoo. 

HAIRCARE Common Scalp Conditions

Scalp care can be key for happy and healthy-looking hair. Learn about common scalp conditions, from dandruff to dermatitis, and find out how you can address them.

HAIRCARE Greasy Hair Causes: Why is My Hair so Greasy?

If your scalp produces too much oil, it can make your hair look greasy and oily. Learn more about what causes greasy hair and explore your options here.