Introducing…Neutrogena Clear & Soothe

Introducing…Neutrogena Clear & Soothe

We’ve been working on something very exciting over the last few months, and we couldn’t be more delighted to announce the exclusive online launch of our brand new turmeric-based skincare collection: Neutrogena® Clear & Soothe.

Why turmeric?

You’ll find turmeric at the heart of each skincare product in the range, which includes a cleanser, moisturiser, micellar jelly makeup remover and toning mist. Turmeric has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties – meaning it’s so much more than a spice to use in cooking.

Turmeric is actually a member of the ginger family, and it shares its antioxidant qualities, making it perfect for blemish-prone skin.

How to use turmeric in your skincare routine

The Neutrogena® Clear & Soothe collection allows you to experience the power of turmeric at every stage of your skincare regime. Here’s how:

Clear & Soothe makeup remover

Remove the day’s make-up with the water-based Neutrogena® Clear & Soothe Turmeric Jelly Micellar Make-up Remover, which includes a skin-friendly turmeric extract to leave your skin feeling hydrated and comforted – everything you could want from your make-up remover.

This product has an oil-free formula, so it won’t feel greasy on your skin – just smooth and soothing.

Clear & Soothe cleanser

Turmeric’s natural anti-bacterial qualities make it fantastic for cleansing your skin of any pore-clogging impurities. Try our hydrating Neutrogena® Clear & Soothe Turmeric Mousse Cleanser, which is designed to remove dirt, oil, excess make-up and other impurities from your skin, leaving it feeling wonderfully refreshed.

Clear & Soothe moisturiser

If you’re after a turmeric-based moisturiser, the Neutrogena® Clear & Soothe Oil-Free Gel Moisturiser is the perfect choice.

With its smooth, jelly-like consistency, this moisturiser melts beautifully into your skin and its oil-free formula makes it ideal for all skin types – even oily skin.

Clear & Soothe toner

Treat your skin to an extra burst of freshness first thing in the morning or when you feel in need of a pick-me-up throughout the day with the Neutrogena® Clear & Soothe Turmeric Toning Mist. It’s a wonderfully soothing product designed to give your skin an added touch of nourishment when it needs it most.

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Why you need to add turmeric to your skincare routine

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