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From Norway,
the land of extremes

came a uniquely concentrated hand cream formula inspired by the traditional balms and salves of the Norwegian fishermen. For generations Norwegian fishermen have been pulling cod, herring, and mackerel from the ocean deep, while facing some of the harshest, coldest, most extreme weather on Earth. Under these conditions, they developed a powerfully concentrated glycerine-rich recipe that healed and protected their intensely dry, chapped hands like nothing else.

Fast forward to1969

A Norwegian salesman calls on Lloyd Cotsen, president of Neutrogena®, to promote the traditional hand healing recipe of the arctic fisherman. He left a jar for Mr Cotsen to try. Some months later, Mr. Cotsen was cleaning the factory’s gigantic soap vats. The chemicals left his hands painfully raw and cracked. On a whim Mr.Cotsen gave the jar from Norway a try. Just a dab of this highly concentrated hand cream provided immediate relief, and another Neutrogena® legacy was born.