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NEUTROGENA Norwegian Formula® 

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Do you find that when you moisturise your skin, it quickly feels dry again, as if you had never moisturised?

The team at NEUTROGENA® have an answer - A selection of innovative formulations that leave skin looking and feeling beautifully healthy day after day. NEUTROGENA Norwegian Formula® leverages expertise from the harsh extremes of Norway, to hydrate and lock-in moisture deep in the skin’s surface.

Discover more about the NEUTROGENA Norwegian Formula® hand and body range for dry skin.

Where it all began...

Inspired by Nordic fishermen, perfected by the team at NEUTROGENA® and launched in 1972, NEUTROGENA Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream has become a classic beauty product, known for its effective relief of dry, chapped hands.

When the first signs of winter appear, hands can need some warming TLC and a hand cream that offers immediate and lasting benefits.

From Norway, the land of extremes, came the inspiration for a uniquely concentrated hand cream formula based on the traditional balms and salves of the Norwegian fishermen. For generations Norwegian fishermen have been pulling cod, herring and mackerel from the ocean deep, while facing some of the harshest, coldest, most extreme weather on Earth. Under these conditions, they developed a powerfully concentrated glycerin-rich recipe that relieved and protected their intensely dry, chapped hands.

From this, the NEUTROGENA Norwegian Formula® range was born.

Fishermans Village

The Coolest of Collaborations….

Neutrogena Visibly Clear® Pink Grapefruit Limited Edition
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Oslo based design duo Darling Clementine, famed for their fresh, cutesy and distinctive illustrations, were commissioned by the NEUTROGENA® team to create this pretty Scandinavian design, celebrating all there is to love about Norwegian heritage.

The result? A perfect pairing of Nordic brands, the NEW Limited Edition NEUTROGENA Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream is set to become the must-have essential this winter season, one you’ll want in your handbag and your home.

The Story of Darling Clementine and NEUTROGENA®