VISIBLY CLEAR® Light Therapy Acne Mask Activator

VISIBLY CLEAR® Light Therapy Acne Mask Activator

Dermatologist in-office acne technology, now available at home. Combine the activator with Light Therapy Acne Mask to deliver the power of light therapy to treat acne:
- Reduces the appearance of breakouts
- A one-step treatment for your face


Your Light Therapy Acne Mask Activator delivers 30 treatment-sessions which account for a one-month treatment. For best results treat for 12 weeks which equals to two additional activators to the one included with the Mask.


Q. What’s the role of the activator?
A. The Activator was designed to ensure that a consistent dose of light is delivered in each treatment. It provides a steady supply of energy over time, which has to be tightly controlled since the Light Therapy Acne Mask is a medical device. To do so it has been programmed to power exactly 30 treatments.

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For the most consistent results with Light Therapy Acne Mask, use it once a day to complement your regular skin care routine and do not skip sessions.

1. Wash your face with your favourite cleansing product and dry your skin
2. When using the mask, ensure that the activator port is fully plugged into the power jack of the mask (if the lights don’t come on, double check the port is fully connected)
3. Put the mask on
4. Press and hold the power button on the activator for a full second (until the lights come on)
5. Wear the mask for 10 minutes and enjoy free mindfulness sessions by visiting SCAN.NEUTROGENA.CO.UK.
6. The Mask will turn off automatically after 10 minutes. If you need to turn it off during the treatment, press and hold the power button for 1 second. Note that doing so will decrease the remaining number of sessions on the counter by one.
7. Continue with the rest of your skincare regime


See package insert for full instructions for use.

Your Light Therapy Acne Mask Activator will last for 30 treatment‐sessions. Each treatment‐session lasts for 10 minutes. Use the Light Therapy Acne Mask once daily. Once the counter reaches 0, please dispose and recycle the batteries and activator responsibly. To find out where your local recycling centre is, click here:

Keep the mask and purchase a new Activator for more treatment sessions.

Only for use with Light Therapy Acne Mask