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Causes & Symptoms of Skin Imperfections

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  • Spot and Acne-Prone Skin

    Spot and Acne-Prone Skin
    Woman looking at spots on her chin


    Spots and acne are a common skin concern, in part because of a relatively limited range of effective solutions. However, with two new innovations from Neutrogena® the choice of options to help remedy spots and acne are entering ground-breaking skin care territory. Firstly, Neutrogena’s® new Clear Defend Technology™ protects the skin as it fights spots and secondly Neutrogena’s® new at-home, light therapy approach to treat mild-moderate acne.


    A New Way to Cleanse Spot-Prone Skin
    The research that led to development of Clear Defend Technology™ came out of a desire to find a gentler yet effective way to fight spots. The technology preserves the skin’s defences against spots by stripping away oil and bacteria, but leaving behind elements of the skin that help protect against future breakouts. Those elements are lipids, which are healthy fats that keep skin moisturised and balanced; if they are removed by using a harsh cleanser, the skin’s barrier is compromised, allowing spot-causing bacteria to enter pores. Clear Defend Technology™ can be found in Neutrogena’s® new Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing range, which includes a cleanser, scrub, toner, clay mask, and moisturiser.

    A New Way to Heal and Prevent Acne

    Light therapy was originally developed by NASA to help astronauts’ skin heal faster while in space, and also in dermatologists’ offices for decades, but at a higher cost than many could afford. Previous attempts to bring light therapy to market resulted in pricey, handheld devices that treated only portions of the face at a time.


    Now, Neutrogena® has developed an acne-fighting light mask that works to fight and prevent acne when you use the mask once a day for 10 minutes.

    Light therapy is ground-breaking as it goes beyond products that just treat or prevent, and helps skin heal. The mask contains two types of LED light — blue light that kills bacteria, and red light that reduces inflammation, swelling and redness. The mask treats acne without the negative side effects of harsher acne-fighting ingredients.

    Even better, it can break the acne cycle, preventing breakouts from returning. If you find your symptoms persist, it is best to consult a dermatologist. However, most people see results in just a few days, with results improving over time. For best results use for 12 weeks.*


    *Clinical study on 52 subjects with mild to moderate acne, 12-weeks with 10 minute daily use.

  • Blackheads

    Woman looking at blackheads in a mirror

    Blackheads are enlarged pores, also known as comedones, with a blocked opening that has a black discoloration.

    Causes Blackheads are caused in a similar way to spots. Oily sebum, created by the sebaceous glands within the pores of your skin, protects your skin and keeps it hydrated. If these glands are stimulated to produce too much sebum, usually due to hormonal changes, the excess sebum can become trapped in your pores with dead skin cells. If the pore is clogged at the opening to the skin, the accumulation of dead skin cells and sebum may become black in colour due to exposure to the air.

    Solutions Stubborn blackheads are difficult to shift and sometimes a simple face cleanser isn’t enough to remove them. Using a Salicylic Acid-containing cleanser to wash your face can be a good way to help prevent and eliminate blackheads. Meanwhile, avoid trying to squeeze-out your blackheads as this may make the situation worse. See our recommended products to help eliminate blackheads.

  • Visible Pores & Shiny Skin

    Visible Pores & Shiny Skin
    Woman looking in mirror at her pores

    Enlarged, visible pores and excess sebum (shiny skin) are common skin concerns.

    Causes Shiny skin is caused by the over-production of sebum (skin oils) by the sebaceous glands within your pores, usually due to hormonal changes within your body. Meanwhile, scientific research has shown that shiny skin is linked to visible pores; the higher the amount of sebum that’s produced by your sebum glands, the larger the size of your pores(2).

    Solutions Clean skin is the first step to that fresh, flawless complexion, with shine-free skin and minimised pores. To tackle shiny skin, use a facial cleanser that’s clinically proven to remove excess sebum without over-drying the skin. See our recommended products to help tighten Pores & Reduce Shine.


    (2)Sebum output as a factor contributing to the size of facial pores (M. Roh et al, 2006)

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