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At Neutrogena® we believe we can create a world where smart is beautiful. A world where the fleeting and frivolous are rejected in favour of smart, compromise free solutions that respect a woman’s face, body and mind.

The team at Neutrogena® are here for the smart ones- the ones who know more and demand more. For these women we blow up the beauty category with a considered collision of ‘and’ not ‘or’, to deliver skin care solutions as smart as they are.

Our job is to help every woman put her best face forward. That’s why we continue to create, innovate and rethink what is possible in skin care.

Neutrogena®. See What’s Possible.

They Said

Neutrogena® skin care products are developed with dermatologists. Why? Because Neutrogena® is always developing innovative skin care products that were once thought impossible.


At Neutrogena®, your skin care is our priority so you can put your best self forward every day. Which is why Neutrogena® believes that what makes a woman beautiful is her ability to know that anything is possible.

Beauty is about having the courage to change the future, the creativity to illuminate the world, and the ability to look in the mirror and believe that anything is possible.