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Choose NEUTROGENA NORWEGIAN FORMULA® hand and body range for dry skin – immediate and long lasting relief.*

The Norwegian Formula range contains a powerful moisturising ingredient, glycerin that draws moisture from the air, and from your own natural reserves deep in the skin. Glycerin with a combination of emollients help hold that moisture where it is really needed in the uppermost layers of your skin, and helps seal it there for long lasting relief of even the driest skin.


NEUTROGENA NORWEGIAN FORMULA® Hand Cream is an iconic product, and has been used in the UK now for 40 years. Our Hand cream contains nearly 40% glycerin – much higher than most other moisturising hand creams. That’s why only a dab of this concentrated formula is needed to help even the driest hands


Use the Deep Moisture range for everyday dry skin, to help keep it healthy looking and beautiful, and the intense repair range for dry skin which needs extra help. For lips, NEUTROGENA NORWEGIAN FORMULA® Lipcare helps soothe even really dry lips.


NEUTROGENA NORWEGIAN FORMULA® – hard working solutions for even the driest skin.

*Applies to cosmetic range only.


How it works?


Create a protective film to help reduce water loss and maintain water inside the skin.


Glycerin has a good affinity with the skin and high ability to attract moisture from the environment and from the deeper layers of the skin to store within the epidermis.