The heritage of the NEUTROGENA® brand in providing real results for even the most sensitive skin began in facial skincare. By leveraging this expertise in facial skincare, our team of skincare scientists were able to develop the VISIBLY CLEAR® range.

Expanding the NEUTROGENA® brand legacy

As the NEUTROGENA® brand gained a unique acceptance by the medical profession in the sixties, a new emphasis was directed toward marketing and research efforts to create a line of safe, mild, premium quality skincare products. Following on from the famous NEUTROGENA® soap, the NEUTROGENA® family has since established a diverse portfolio of products such as the VISIBLY CLEAR® range. This was launched in the UK in 2004 and builds on the NEUTROGENA® brand’s strong relationship with dermatologists and history of delivering effective products.

VISIBLY CLEAR® was introduced to the market with unique formulations including the exclusive Microclear® technology which enhances the penetration of the active ingredients into the skin. This first came onto the market in 2004 at the launch of the brand and has continued to feature in many of the VISIBLY CLEAR® products ever since.